The Office Space Design

Collaboration with the ability to connect are the new touchstones of success.

Office Furniture Reborn

For the most part the era of cubicles have become a thing of the past, the fixed work position no longer prevails. You may ask, what changes are the most noticeable in recent years? Primarily it is the integration of technology and developing a distinct company culture placing an emphasis on collaborative spaces. The trends of 2019 and into the offices of 2020 are leaning towards ergonomics and more efficient offices

The modern office is becoming more and more streamlined in design with open space workstations, as well as (re)designing common areas and conference rooms to be more aesthetically appealing. Research has shown when workspaces have adapted to the new labor realities and you create environments in which employees can enjoy certain amenities and accomplish personal goals, the productivity and office engagements also increase.

Designing the Office for Maximum Productivity

The offices of the future are becoming more real and affects our way of working. Furniture that is mobile and flexible provide the best solution; like the Elements Series. An “office” is no longer defined as just a place with four walls. Individual work areas can be set up as one-person suites or as 2 to 4 person workspaces. If required you can adjust and reconfigure the space. The actual desks and chairs should be supremely comfortable and adjustable in myriad ways to satisfy each user.

The ultimate adjustable desks trends are the Sit to Stand Desks. Though primarily thought of as promoting healthy movement while working, ultimately they provide the employer with a desk that adjust for any ergonomic desk requirements. Offering the functionality for the tall, short or ADA employees.

The future of office environments are predicated to be “An Experience Based” office. Technology has provided the opportunity and ability to work from anywhere, and this tend will only increase. Creating multi-functional spaces for Productivity, Collaborative, Privacy, and Wellness encourage a well rounded working environment.

It is highly recommended that organisations should consider creating offices that employees want to occupy. Create a workplace which provides an experience that they could not obtain while working remotely, this leads us to offices where going to work becomes something motivating .

The environment you provide reflects your respect and appreciation of the employees who work for you.

Consider that the environment you provide will (or will not) place your employees in the position to be professional.

Short & Sweet…

Providing a positive work environment can encourage employee productivity, commitment and retention!

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