Are You At Risk?

Have you ever felt completely drained after a road trip, a long flight, or a day of sitting at work?  You may think “why am I so tired, I was only sitting?” There are negative side effects and risks to your health in the simple act of extended sitting periods. What are the risks with

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Modern reception area seating

The role of the reception desk

The role of the reception desk and its functions have not seen many changes through the decades, unlike the role of the receptionist.   Gone are the days when secretaries take dictation on Steno pads and transcribe correspondence on manual typewriters. You may still occassionally see the title of secretary or receptionist, but as the

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Pets At Work… Yes? or No?

Does your business allow pets on the premises? Are you considering allowing employees to bring pets into the workplace? Would you have a pet mascot? Are you for or against the thought of pets at work? This isn’t a new idea, many companies have been allowing employees to bring their pets to work in one

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Your Office Reflects Your Core Values

Growth and change is a necessary cornerstone in business. As your company evolves, so should your values grow, thus continuing to represent your company accurately. We see, hear, and talk about the culture in organizations all the time, and it’s no secret that office design can either enhance or dampen your company culture. Ultimately, your business

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The Office Space Design

Collaboration with the ability to connect are the new touchstones of success. For the most part the era of cubicles have become a thing of the past, the fixed work position no longer prevails. You may ask, what changes are the most noticeable in recent years? Primarily it is the integration of technology and developing

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Optimal Use Of Space

When working with your space, especially if it is a small space, you’ll want to utilize every square foot. When it comes to deciding what you’ll need for a welcoming & productive area, planning ahead is the key to providing you the optimal use of your space. Begin the process with accurate measuring to see

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Privacy Panels

Effective Time Management often requires a delicate balance between privacy and interaction with others. Privacy Panels can be retrofitted to most laminate work stations & desks in a manor that allows you to define your workspace. The choice of 12″, 24″, or 36″ high panels provide moderate to complete privacy options. The 12″ panels along

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