Optimal Use Of Space

When working with your space, especially if it is a small space, you’ll want to utilize every square foot.

When it comes to deciding what you’ll need for a welcoming & productive area, planning ahead is the key to providing you the optimal use of your space.

Begin the process with accurate measuring to see what kind of square footage you are working with.

This simple step will give you the exact information and the guidelines you’ll need while seeking out the ideal furniture selections to complete your space.

The use of graph paper is helpful and gives you a visual overview of your space parameters and the confidence you are choosing the office furniture you need for a good fit.


A well organized office is essential, especially when working with limited space.

Utilizing cabinets and their storage capabilities is the solution for a functional space.

Mapping out your floor plan will help maximize your space.

We have several cabinet & shelving options to consider to help minimize the natural occurrence of office clutter and provide your space with a professional appearance.

A credenza may be the solution for a small office or an office with little wall space.


If wall space is available you may want to add to your credenza an open hutch.


If private storage is needed simply add cabinet doors to your hutch. The cabinet doors are available in the same laminate finish as your desk or in glass.

We are here to assist you in finding the best solution for your office needs!

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