Used Office Furniture in the Greater Portland, Oregon Metro Area

For over a decade, Office Furniture Reborn has prided itself on offering a large variety of outstanding commercial office furniture to businesses and individuals in Portland, Oregon, and surrounding areas. We offer new office tables, storage, chairs, desks, and more from premier brands. But did you know we also carry an array of gently used office furniture?

Whether you’re furnishing a home office, an educational conference room, or an executive suite, used office furniture may be an ideal option. Our knowledgeable and professional team provides prompt responses to your inquiries regarding our entire selection of products and services.

Importance of Commercial Grade Office Furniture

Providing yourself and your coworkers with high-quality, ergonomically correct office furniture can provide comfort. According to World Economic Forum, the right office furniture may also boost productivity. That’s because a well-designed arrangement of desks, chairs, and dividers can increase coworker collaboration and camaraderie. Office Furniture Reborn offers a large showroom of office furniture, used gently, that can support a positive office environment.

Benefits of Used Modern Office Furniture

There are several benefits to buying used office furniture for your workspace. First, it’s a fantastic opportunity to save money and still enjoy an upgraded and improved office space. Other reasons include:

Reliability and Longevity

Office furniture is durable and built to last, making it more likely to withstand years of use and remain in quality condition. In addition, the wear and tear on office furniture are minimal compared to residential furniture. When you choose used office furniture, you’re often buying items that will have little to no indications of prior usage.

Cuts on Cost and Time

At Office Furniture Reborn, our used furnishings are structurally and cosmetically in excellent shape, which means you’re getting high-quality at a smart price. In addition, buying our used products means you purchase what’s immediately available, and you won’t have to wait to receive it. We even provide furniture set-up and delivery service for your convenience.

Environmentally Friendly

Purchasing used furniture means you’re keeping it out of a landfill, which is good for the environment. You’re also eliminating the need for manufacturers to build a new one, cutting on energy and transportation emissions. Buying used office furniture at Office Furniture Reborn is a win-win.

Available Used Office Furniture

Office Furniture Reborn has one of the largest new and used office furniture stores in Portland, OR, and the Pacific Northwest area. We carry a wide range of office furniture, including:


Cubicles and office dividers provide privacy as well as facilitate community between coworkers. We have many different cubicle styles and shades configurable to your office needs. Some designs feature translucent tops that buffer ambient noise while allowing in natural light.

Chairs and Seating

Just like cubicles, we have a variety of used chairs and seating solutions for your offices. These can range from conference room chairs to task and executive-style adjustable chairs with wheels, as well as arm and headrests. If reception sofas and chairs are what you’re looking for, we can help with those, too.


We carry a selection of lounge tables, reception area coffee tables, as well as conference tables that accommodate up to 20 people. In addition, work station and training tables, ideal for open-concept office plans are typically on hand for immediate sale. These tables can be set up in different configurations and easily stored away when not in use.


You’ll also find used desks in our showroom. We regularly have U-shaped, L-shaped, and reception desks, as well as collaborative work desks. These can come in many different colors and shapes to match any office setup.

Office Accessories

No office is complete without a whiteboard to share ideas and collaborate with coworkers. We also carry office décor and accents such as framed pictures, faux plants, and signage.

The inventory in our used office furniture store continually rotates. We recommend visiting our showroom display to explore the wide variety of used and new furnishings and configuration sets we offer to find the right pieces for your style, space, and budget.

View Our Quality Used Office Furniture Store Today

At Office Furniture Reborn, we’re dedicated to providing used office furniture that fit your organization’s needs. Since 2015 we’ve supplied businesses and facilities in Greater Portland, OR, and surrounding areas with prompt professional service, and our testimonials demonstrate our client-focused performance. Stop in at our Tigard, OR location to check out all our used office furniture, or contact us today for more information.

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