Home Office Furniture in the Greater Portland, Oregon Metro Area

Young child embraces parent working with laptop and paperwork in home officeWith so many people working at home these days, and the ubiquity of computers and electronic devices, there is a growing need for home office furniture. Customers want an office that fits their home decor and lifestyle, while also serving as a comfortable setting for getting work done. At Office Furniture Reborn, you can visit our large showroom, located in Tigard, Oregon, to choose office furniture for your home. We also offer furniture setup and delivery at reasonable pricing throughout the greater Portland metro area.

Comfortable and Practical Home Office Furniture

Will you be meeting with clients in the home office? Is there more than one screen set up in the room? Would a sound barrier help keep outside noises at a minimum? Are storage solutions required for your operation? These questions and others find convenient, affordable answers at Office Furniture Reborn.

Our professional staff provides immediate responses to queries from customers. Answers about measurements, fittings, and availability are answered promptly. At Office Furniture Reborn, you can choose either new office furniture or used office furniture as both are displayed in our showroom. We only offer high-quality products that we are proud to deliver to home offices throughout the greater Portland metro area.

Home Office Designs

At Office Furniture Reborn, our staff is available for a design consultation in the showroom. We can review your project and assist as needed. We welcome the opportunity to help ensure comfort and wellness in your work life.

When setting up your home office furniture, it’s important to be mindful of some ergonomic guidelines for working from home. A good starting place is our many popular desk configurations, as well as a variety of practical file cabinet options. These are often the most needed items when starting to work at home. Usually, additional home office furniture will be required. You can find the following items in our showroom:


With our quality desks for the home office, you can find a piece that fits your home and professional style. Regardless of space requirements, your work style, or the work functions routinely performed at your desk, we can help you find the ideal item. Many home office furniture customers prefer our sit-to-stand adjustable desks, which allow you to move from sitting to standing as you cycle through various tasks.


Chairs and seating solutions are often next on the list after desks when choosing furniture for a home office. Options range from executive office chairs to smaller task chairs and reception seating. See the chairs and other seating in our Tigard showroom and try them out for comfort. This is one of the best ways to ensure that chairs are comfortable and adjustable for your needs.


We carry a large variety of shelves and storage options for the home office. Considering available space and your style of decoration, these workspaces need to be practical for your home. Our wide selection enables you to find a piece that bears both aspects in mind. Storage options include file cabinets, credenzas, hutches, and bookshelves. Our expert design staff can assist you with ideas, measurements, and problem-solving.

Dividers and Walls

A handy way to divide the home office from a larger room is to erect wall cubicles and dividers. While you may associate these with corporate offices or warehouse settings, our freestanding walls allow mobility and flexibility when setting a work area apart. Partition walls may offer more privacy and even muffle outside noises. If you welcome clients and visitors to your home office, these dividers can provide waiting areas.

Plan a Visit to Our Showroom

Office Furniture Reborn has many options for furnishing your home office. Visit our new office furniture showroom to see many displays and choices. We also carry a large inventory in our used office furniture showroom. You will find more home office furniture on display in our showrooms than anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest. Plan to visit us in Tigard, OR, and let our experienced, professional staff help you choose your ideal office furnishings. Contact us today to learn more about our services for homeowners in the greater Portland metro area.

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