Sit to Stand Height Adjustable Desks

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Sitting for hours can have negative effects on the body, with a Sit Stand Desk you allow flexibility and encourage healthy alternatives.

Sit Stand Desks provide adjustable settings to find the perfect height and position for a healthy and productive working environment.

However, Sit Stand Desks are more than just functional – they are aesthetically styled with a variety of finishes and features.

Sit Stand Desks are sure to fit any office décor.

Sit Stand Desk

Standing Burns More Calories

Everyone knows that sitting in a desk for long periods of time is not beneficial to your health. One of the benefits of a sit-stand desk is that you have the ability to add variety to your workday and provide the opportunity to improve your overall health and allows you to burn more calories than simply sitting all day
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Relieve Pain

A fully adjustable desk benefits everyone with the ability to customize the desk height for sitting or standing. Thus making your workstation a more ergonomic benefit. Having a sit-stand desk allows the benefits of removing pressure off of your bottom and back. By alternating your sitting and standing you provide yourself better odds of not having a sore back or neck and pain at the end of your day.

Increase Circulation

Sitting at a desk all day is not good for your circulation. Activity generates healthy circulation, and having a sit-stand desk allows you to alternate from sitting to standing thus improving your circulation and providing a lower risk for blood clots and related issues.

Increase Productivity

Having a sit-stand desk can help increase your productivity and removing frustrations that come along with having to sit in one position for hours on end. When you have a sit-stand desk you take control, you can choose when to stand and when to sit, making it more likely that you’ll be productive throughout the day.

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